Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney Getaway

I'm finally free to sit down and write something.. Last month was considered very fulfilling.. We made it to Florida which we delayed for a month.. But at last, everything was finalised and I can't tell you how excited we were.. I have to thank my girls for sending us to the airport early in the morning, Sheena for lending me the stroller, Arlene for lending us the car and Kate for looking after Milkshake.. And during the journey to the airport, Sheena told us the storyline of UP which we manage to catch during one of the days at Florida..

We didn't book any expensive room for our main priority was to have a decent place to stay for during that week and so we checked ourselves in a humble Inn which was about 15min-30min (depending on which world) away from Disney world.. Save us quite a bit of money too..

The 4 theme park that made people go gaga..

The staff at the front desk was an old lady from Britain and when were we chatting one morning, she told us that she and her husband had stayed 3 years in Singapore, back in 1940+.. The way she pronounce Katong with her English slang was really unique..

Anyway to summarise our whole Florida trip.

Some little mayhem.

Davis dropped his milk bottle at the airport while we were having breakfast.. The cap broke into 2 and we've already checked in our luggage that has a spare bottle..

I can almost feel my whole world crashing down cause I cannot imagine him without his bottle throughout that 4 hours of flight..

Dear was really calm and walked away.. I didn't know where did he went as I was busy feeding Davis the remaining milk with a straw..

Moment later, Dear came back with a brand new bottle.. Who knows the stores in the airport sells bottle.. Although they only had a tiny selection.. (The tits was meant for stage 1 babies), nonetheless, I was truly grateful for that bottle and proud that Dear suddenly turned resourceful..

Tip #1. After checking in our room, we made our way to Walmart to stock up on baby water and some food, bread, hams, assorted cheese, bottles of mineral water, tidbits and bottled baby food.. Another great money saving tips..

p.s Linda, don't say I never update my blog OK.. I've got some tips for you some more.. Tip #2. Buy sunblock that comes in a spray, bring your own water unless you don't mind buying them in the park.. Corn dogs and nasty pretzels are like $4 each.. Wear thin clothing and don't forget your shades..

I'm not sure if too much activities is going on in the day that at night, after spending Day 1 at the Magic Kingdom, Davis woke up from sleep in tears, TWICE.. He was literally screaming and crying with his eyes closed..

We woke up really late on the 2nd day as none of us had slept well due to his crying and so we aborted our plan to visit another world in Disney.. We hit the factory outlet instead.. Bought a Coach bag again and some other stuffs which I don't remember.. Sorry.. That's how it is after trying to recall back something that happened more than 3 weeks ago..

That night Davis went back to sleeping with us on the same bed and again he screamed.. After falling deep into slumber, TWICE again.. oh dear.. I'm so afraid...

Day 3 to Epcot.. Had Japanese food for dinner and made it in time to catch the firework in Japan.. Tip #3. You can get excellent view of the firework anywhere near the humongous lake at Epcot..

Tip 4. Free soda tasting.. 8 different sodas from around the world.. If you go to the Coca Cola store in Vegas, you have to pay to taste them..

Day 4 to Hollywood studio.

we had to queue the same line twice, coz halfway through the first time, they swap characters.. And I wanted to take pictures with The Incredibles badly..

On Day 5, just before entering the Animal Kingdom, we realised that we've left the milk bottle in the room.. I thought that we should just turned back but dear say we should ask the Disney staff if they have any baby care centre in the park itself.. Turned out to be, they did.. we made our way searching for the lamp with beetle bug cause that's where the baby centre is.. The baby care centre is almost halfway into the Animal Kingdom but good luck for us. They do sell milk bottles too.. Phew.. Another milk bottle crisis..

The baby care centre with their beetle bug lamps.

The original photo..

After semi photoshopping.. I know very ugly la.. but this photo so nice. too bad dear forgot to turn on the flash.. Trying to salvage it..

Our week at Disney went by real fast and then on the 6th day, we went back to the Magic Kingdom again.. The fireworks were great.. However I think that the one at LA, Disneyland were magnificent.. They were even better.. The reason because they had laser beam in LA and not in Orlando.. Tip #5. To get the best view of the firework. Place yourselves anywhere in between the Walt Disney holding Mickey mouse statue and the Main Street.. If you go beyond the Walt Disney Statue, somewhere closer to the castle, all you're going to get is great sound effect but not much of a fireworks. Because...... the fireworks are really not that up high.. Most of the fireworks are going to appear behind the castle.. Only a few huge one was able to shoot higher than the castle..

This is the statue of Walt disney holding Mickey Mouse..Noticed how the castle is changing it's colour.. It's purple..

And now it became blue

this one looks half purplish and half grey

And that's ahbachang with the Cinderella's castle.. In a nice shade of aqua..

I'm really pissed with this lappy cause it kept giving me error message and closed my whole application.. I took like an extra of 3 hrs just to load these few photos.. Very sway right.. Finally set my mood in to update blog after MIA for more than 1 month then tio stuck for so long.. I'm sorry for the typo and grammar error.. I'm very tired now.. Still have to look after Davis boy boy who is having fever..

Nites everyone..

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