Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Davis milestone at 17 mths

As of today 4th Nov, Davis at 18 mths-to-be can read/gesture the following.

Say the words out when I write them on the board or when I show him picture cards.

Arms up (Raise his arms)
Clap (Clap when he sees the word)
Mouth (Point to his mouth when he sees the word)
Banana (Says the word when I show him picture card)
Apple (Says the word when I show him picture card)

Say out the word when I handsign or point the object to him

Apple as Ple
Banana as Bana
ZhuZhu (His toy hamster)

Point or handsign to me when I say

All done
Arms Up
Arms Down
Thank You

All by his own as and when he wants.

Nainai (just heard him saying this morning)

Tries to open door with keys
Only look at the fish when we say cannot touch the tank
Climbs up chairs and bed
Able to walk backwards
Wanting to feed himself
Bully Milkshake
Says baobao when he wants to be carried
Share his food with me when I say share
Kicks ball
Enjoys watching his programmes on TV
Allow nainai to read books to him
Hate to walk when he goes out
Climb onto Thomas the train and Barney car at Northpoint basement without help
Recognize the route from musical cars to the pet shop and walk by himself to see animals

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh my God.

It has been quite awhile since I updated my blog. Well tonight, or perhaps I should say this morning cause its 6.30a.m here in Singapore, I'm trying to blog my heart out.. I wish there's a device that could actually copy and paste what I felt in my mind and automatically turn them into words in this space of mine, instead of having me to type them out words by words...

My baobao was diagnose with hand, foot and mouth disease just 3 days upon reaching Singapore and he had to be on home quarantine for a week.. Shortly after, Eric had a bad food poisoning and was pretty sick for a few days just before he had to resume work after returning home from States.. And now its me.. having a bad sore throat cum a bloated stomach that has been hanging around for a few days already.. Not Good..

While I lied on my bed, having a flashback on what happen to me and my family in these recent years, I couldn't help but notice the many little things that was given to me.. In good times or bad times, I was blessed with some many fortunate events that I know it must have been from my Almighty God..

I shall list them out here.

In the past I was always in envy with my friends who had "normal" family and I kept wondering why I wasn't blessed to have one..

Then I came to know God who gave me one shortly after I accepted Christ as my saviour.
I really came to love my new founded family who sometime I felt treats me way better than my own family.. That sounds really selfish.. But then I also felt that after returning to Singapore after missing for so long, my relationship with my own family actually improved.. Especially with my dad.. I used to hate him for the many things he did to me.. I felt mistreated, abused and ignored as a child till many years later, I still resented him. But ever since I came back.. The feeling that I had was totally different.. Things have changed.. For the better definitely..

Then came my housing issue.. Eric and I bought our 1st pad in Yishun at a really good deal.. I don't think that we could have afforded one if we had to buy from the resale market or even from the Govt at this sky rocking prices period.. I felt blessed.. If I were to compare the prices that we paid for against the rates of the houses in the area right now, we actually made like more than $50K even before our house was actually ready.. We balloted for one the 1st time and we even managed to get a #10 which I totally loved..

Thirdly, we saved a great deal of money by having a baby in the States.. I say probably a good $15K (gynea, labour, pediatric and vaccination fees all added up). Other than the BCG vaccine, Davis had almost all the other required vaccines done in the States.

The tours that we went during our stay in Arizona.. (New York, Hawaii, Florida, California, Canada, Nevada, Washington D.C and Arizona)

The fact that God gave me food to eat at every meal.. I am always thankful that I am eating food and not tree barks..

Our good health that many people didn't get to enjoy.

Roof over our head

and so many other thing that we take it for granted..

The most importantly is the complete salvation that we had as a Christian, our sins were forgiven and we are given a place in heaven. I know God is the one I can trust whole heartedly because He never left me and walks with me even in my darkest moments.
Jesus says, "My child, in your darkest moment when you only see one set of footprints, that was when I carried you."

So the next time when you say Oh my God.. Look around and think of what God has given you and you'll see..

FYI, I longer says Oh my God ever since I read an article from somewhere as the word God is never to be used lightly.. Instead, I say, Oh my Gosh.. ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

My dearest Grandma. I love you..

Grandma, I miss u a lot.. I know it's all my fault for making you wait for me even when I knew that you were sick.. 6 months to you prove to be too long a time.. I'm very very sorry for that. Grandma, forgive me.. You are always on my mind.....

They say you went to Heaven already.. Did you?? Dear GOD, how do I know if this is true??? They say it's a relief for you. An end for the suffering you endured during this time.. I wasn't there to go through the pain you had.. I can't make up with the lost time anymore..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Every banquet will end eventually.. (Derived from a Chinese saying)

I want to dig my fingers into those Sri Lanka Jumbo crabs!! Female crab nonetheless.. I want to eat the roes, sink my teeth into the thick juicy meat from the pincers.. ROARS!!! the Lion is hungry!! I miss watching Star Award on the TV.. I miss my late night supper at those 24hr Kopitiam and everything about home...I'm still a very typical Singapore girl at heart.. No doubt at all..

I want to bring my son out in his 3 wheel stroller, walking with my hubby hand in hand, exploring Singapore (malls) again.. Did i mention to you that I felt like a tourist that time when I went back to celebrate CNY? The feeling was very peculiar because I've lived 23 years in Singapore and these 2 years in the States made me feels like a stranger in my homeland.. Enough said.. I can't wait for the day when I bid Arizona goodbye.. I will miss you much..

It's coming to an end.. and a new beginning for me..

2 years 9 months of my "taitai" life is pretty much coming to an end.. I really ought to be thinking of what I want to do in my life which I seriously had already thought of years ago.. What is my purpose on earth? What is the plan that God has for me? I kept asking myself this question and I get no answer.. I have ambition but no direction and many a times I kept pulling myself back and starting to doubt on the decisions that I made for myself in the past.. I walk, I fumble, I wonder if I'll ever move forward.. Maybe I did? At a snail pace.. As I celebrated my 27th birthday 2 weeks ago, I can't help but having mixed feeling about what's going to happen in the near future.. For myself, my family....

Some flashback ideas..

a) Take a course in cosmetology, learn the essential skills of facial, massage, usage of essential oils etc.. Apply for a job and hopefully I can advance myself further.
Ultimate goal..
1. Becoming a trainer in a renowned company.
2. Save enough money to open my own salon.

b) Join an airline as a cabin crew.. Save as much money as I could and retire early..
Note to self, make sure to check for reviews on the airlines.. How safe they are, bitchiness of the crews etc...

c) Be a full time housewife.. ??? Possible????

d) Take a diploma in baking so that I can work from home...

I had to stop procrastinating right now!!!!!!!

reason 1.. I'm 27 already.
reason 2.. I'm lacking of almost 3 years of working experience.
reason 3.. I have a son to feed and a house to upkeep
reason 4.. I have to start saving for my parents for their old age

The reality is starting to kick already.. ;(

So right now, I need to stop weighing the Pros and Cons of everything I planned to do.. Because at the end of the day I'll still be standing at square one.. Not sure of which step to take..

I need to know my strength and my weaknesses so that I don't make the wrong decision again.. Not anymore

My strength..
-I'm more of a creative person but due to the years of not making the full potential of it.. They're decaying and I'm losing them over time..
-I'm a people person and am very chatty if I find the right company.
-Get satisfaction from praise and acknowledgement which will drive me to work harder..
-I can work for long hours on things I enjoy doing.
-Strive for the best on things that I do.
-Like to move around.

My weakness..
-Hate to work in front of a desk.
-No confidence on things that I'm unfamiliar with.
-Bad at boot licking.
-Dislike replying to emails and doing follow-up, so HR, executive jobs is a big no-no
-Start to feel uneasy around people I can't get along with.

I want a career and not a job.

Right now I'm still waiting for an answer from my sister.. I can't disclose to you what is my plan for now cause I hate it when I have to change my decision again after announcing it.. I have to 100% sure before I say anything.. My style!! =) Hope it'll be good..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recent updates

I know I haven't update for 1 month now.. Nothing exciting happen recently and I haven't got any fresh ideas to share with my readers or note it down myself.. But I do have an exciting news now.. I'M RETURNING TO SINGAPORE.. For good already.. =DDD

Our 95 cartons of various sizes came 2 weeks ago and now my whole house looks more like a warehouse than any other thing.. This last month, we're really busy buying more stuff to bring back home.. We bought a cute Disney Pixar CARS bed frame for Davis.. Got him a Toy Story table set too but I'm going to bring it back for a refund.. Cause the surface of the table was padded with soft foam.. -_-!!! But I really do like the chair though.. Oh well..

Blasted a big hole in dear's pocket as I suddenly turned on my frenzy shopping spree mode.. Bought a whole set of pots and pans and a matching set of knives and scissor from (Hey"yall, Paula Deen catch phase), her series of kitchenware.. Cookies sheet and baking tins that comes in set of 3.. An angel cake mould, cutlery sets, lots of baking stuff and new bowls and plates.. I'm feeling like a soon-to-be-a-great-chef that's in the making..

Packing packing.. So much things to be packed.. Hey dear, Jiayou hor!!! Kekekeeee... Love love k.. *sweet smile*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My healthy lunch

Marinated salmon from Costco.. My 2nd box till date..
The thing I like about these guys is that they are so simple to prepare and doesn't cost you a bomb.. And the box says, its marinated with olive oil and canola oil.. Isn't that gorgeous?

Wrap it up in foil and bake at 350F for 20min.
The last time I cook my lobster tail with my pan, the smell lingers in my house for 3 days.. Air freshener wasn't able to mask it at all.. So no more fishy salmon smell this time round.. Everything was concealed in the oven.

Ready to serve.
I loaded my lunch with big bunch of baby spinach, carrots and a whole tomato... GOOD EAT, GOOD HEALTH!

Yummy stuff we have.. Slurp!!

Plate, "I'm still unwashed."
And the best part, you only need to wash the fork and plate..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney Getaway

I'm finally free to sit down and write something.. Last month was considered very fulfilling.. We made it to Florida which we delayed for a month.. But at last, everything was finalised and I can't tell you how excited we were.. I have to thank my girls for sending us to the airport early in the morning, Sheena for lending me the stroller, Arlene for lending us the car and Kate for looking after Milkshake.. And during the journey to the airport, Sheena told us the storyline of UP which we manage to catch during one of the days at Florida..

We didn't book any expensive room for our main priority was to have a decent place to stay for during that week and so we checked ourselves in a humble Inn which was about 15min-30min (depending on which world) away from Disney world.. Save us quite a bit of money too..

The 4 theme park that made people go gaga..

The staff at the front desk was an old lady from Britain and when were we chatting one morning, she told us that she and her husband had stayed 3 years in Singapore, back in 1940+.. The way she pronounce Katong with her English slang was really unique..

Anyway to summarise our whole Florida trip.

Some little mayhem.

Davis dropped his milk bottle at the airport while we were having breakfast.. The cap broke into 2 and we've already checked in our luggage that has a spare bottle..

I can almost feel my whole world crashing down cause I cannot imagine him without his bottle throughout that 4 hours of flight..

Dear was really calm and walked away.. I didn't know where did he went as I was busy feeding Davis the remaining milk with a straw..

Moment later, Dear came back with a brand new bottle.. Who knows the stores in the airport sells bottle.. Although they only had a tiny selection.. (The tits was meant for stage 1 babies), nonetheless, I was truly grateful for that bottle and proud that Dear suddenly turned resourceful..

Tip #1. After checking in our room, we made our way to Walmart to stock up on baby water and some food, bread, hams, assorted cheese, bottles of mineral water, tidbits and bottled baby food.. Another great money saving tips..

p.s Linda, don't say I never update my blog OK.. I've got some tips for you some more.. Tip #2. Buy sunblock that comes in a spray, bring your own water unless you don't mind buying them in the park.. Corn dogs and nasty pretzels are like $4 each.. Wear thin clothing and don't forget your shades..

I'm not sure if too much activities is going on in the day that at night, after spending Day 1 at the Magic Kingdom, Davis woke up from sleep in tears, TWICE.. He was literally screaming and crying with his eyes closed..

We woke up really late on the 2nd day as none of us had slept well due to his crying and so we aborted our plan to visit another world in Disney.. We hit the factory outlet instead.. Bought a Coach bag again and some other stuffs which I don't remember.. Sorry.. That's how it is after trying to recall back something that happened more than 3 weeks ago..

That night Davis went back to sleeping with us on the same bed and again he screamed.. After falling deep into slumber, TWICE again.. oh dear.. I'm so afraid...

Day 3 to Epcot.. Had Japanese food for dinner and made it in time to catch the firework in Japan.. Tip #3. You can get excellent view of the firework anywhere near the humongous lake at Epcot..

Tip 4. Free soda tasting.. 8 different sodas from around the world.. If you go to the Coca Cola store in Vegas, you have to pay to taste them..

Day 4 to Hollywood studio.

we had to queue the same line twice, coz halfway through the first time, they swap characters.. And I wanted to take pictures with The Incredibles badly..

On Day 5, just before entering the Animal Kingdom, we realised that we've left the milk bottle in the room.. I thought that we should just turned back but dear say we should ask the Disney staff if they have any baby care centre in the park itself.. Turned out to be, they did.. we made our way searching for the lamp with beetle bug cause that's where the baby centre is.. The baby care centre is almost halfway into the Animal Kingdom but good luck for us. They do sell milk bottles too.. Phew.. Another milk bottle crisis..

The baby care centre with their beetle bug lamps.

The original photo..

After semi photoshopping.. I know very ugly la.. but this photo so nice. too bad dear forgot to turn on the flash.. Trying to salvage it..

Our week at Disney went by real fast and then on the 6th day, we went back to the Magic Kingdom again.. The fireworks were great.. However I think that the one at LA, Disneyland were magnificent.. They were even better.. The reason because they had laser beam in LA and not in Orlando.. Tip #5. To get the best view of the firework. Place yourselves anywhere in between the Walt Disney holding Mickey mouse statue and the Main Street.. If you go beyond the Walt Disney Statue, somewhere closer to the castle, all you're going to get is great sound effect but not much of a fireworks. Because...... the fireworks are really not that up high.. Most of the fireworks are going to appear behind the castle.. Only a few huge one was able to shoot higher than the castle..

This is the statue of Walt disney holding Mickey Mouse..Noticed how the castle is changing it's colour.. It's purple..

And now it became blue

this one looks half purplish and half grey

And that's ahbachang with the Cinderella's castle.. In a nice shade of aqua..

I'm really pissed with this lappy cause it kept giving me error message and closed my whole application.. I took like an extra of 3 hrs just to load these few photos.. Very sway right.. Finally set my mood in to update blog after MIA for more than 1 month then tio stuck for so long.. I'm sorry for the typo and grammar error.. I'm very tired now.. Still have to look after Davis boy boy who is having fever..

Nites everyone..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A series of happenings

My G10 FINALLY arrived after much anticipation!! But I haven't had the chance to make use of it full potential as there's nothing much for me to shoot at home other than Davis and Milkshake.. Actually I do make a good candidate but I'm lazy to try out the self-timer function and Eric is too tired after work to help me try it out.. But here I have some pictures that I took during this 2 days.. The temptation is too hard to resist.. Its like calling out for me, "Hey come try me, you know you want to!!"

My very 1st shot with G10.. That is our wall of frame in the living room..

Restaurant City is addictive.. Is there some cocaine here?? Took this picture in my dark living room..

My botak head Ahbachang in his playpen that I bought for him with my pay I earned from catering.. The fruit from my 2 weeks of labour.. I felt so indebted to Sheena cause she gave me a $10 voucher from Toys "R" Us when she could have used it herself.. Thank you so much..

Shirley bought a pack of brown rice to make this "Or Bee Bey" but seems like the procedure is too complicated for her, so Arlene took charge to cook them..

Ahbachang who seems to be happier than me.

Milkshake was barking again this morning and I shooed her away in case she woke Davis up and later in the afternoon, I thought maybe I should open the door to see if the postman came.. True enough he did! So taking the notice in hand, I half walk and half ran to the management office to claim my Bose System.. It was only when the staff went into the room to get me my carton did I realised that I wasn't able to carry it alone. Look at the size of the carton.. Stupid me.. She was kind enough to page for the maintenance man named Michelle, =) to help sending it right to my doorstep. So we took the golf buggy, with me sitting at the back, holding on to the carton which could not be rested fully on the step of the cart and rode home.. My 1st time on a golf buggy!! Wohooo.. It was really run..

Our dinner, chicky breast with fruit salad

Eric laogong baked chicken breast and I prepare the mango, avocado and tomato salad drizzled with lemon juice and a dash of pepper.. =)) We love it!

And tonight at Walmart, Davis lost his 1st pair of shoes.. It's the blue Crocs with a cute spongebob squarepants at the front, completed with a yellow strap that I bought for him at ROSS that made us late to pick up Bjorn from school.. I'm so loving it and am still a bit upset now.. =(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When it's dead meaning it's dead.. (from sheena to her hello kitty keychain)

I'm still waiting for my camera, cause my old one went dead on me. But even now dead, it had served me well for the past 5 years.. Only at 7.2 mp and not from some renowned brand like Canon or Nikon.. My Casio Exilim which we bought for our trip to Australia did not fail me and in many a time, I was able to capture pretty nice shots.. I really regret spending over $40 blinging it when I went back to Singapore.. Good blings are expensive!!!! I can only afford to buy 2 different variety of blings and the result of course is terrible!! It's all because of Xiaxue la.. If she never bling her gadget so nicely, I would have never dare to bling mine.. And the Arab Street that she mention in her episode of her Guide to Life, the prices of the blings are so ridiculously priced, I bet they gave her free blings to advertise for them.. One look at her extensive range of blings tell you not to meddle with your gadget unless you have a collection that is comparable to her.. If not STAY AWAY!! Btw I'm not anti-Xiaxue, I'm only upset that I've bling my camera which I shouldn't have.

I have so many pictures that I wanted to capture and show you guys but I'm still waiting for my new semipro Canon G10.. Some camwhoring photos that I wanted to take but impossible now cause I can never manage to take pictures with Eric's Canon Rebel XTi using only 1 hand.... And also I want to video down my smartie boy who can now tour around the house without any help.. My son can WALK without support 1 month ago!! it was probably about 10 steps initially then 20 on the 2nd week and now he's so good at it, he can even stand from a seated position without holding on to anything and he made me so proud..

2 days ago, I was feeding him cereal and after he's finished, I showed him the empty bowl and then do the handsign for All Done.. He sign back to me!! wow.. I couldn't believe my eyes.. I guess he's abit slow in responding to people cause he doesn't focus very much on us.. When he responded I was elated!!! So now I'm trying to reinforced the idea of signing by doing it regularly.. Sometime when he doesn't respond of course I was abit sad but however I know I should keep on doing it.. Keep it up MoM..

My little man was enjoying the water in this summer heat.. Splish splash.. Too bad, I can only tell you what happened and not show you what happened.. I like having pictures in my post.. My G10, I miss you, please come to mama ASAP.. =DD

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging is good for you.

Tonight is one of the many countless sleepless night for me yet again. With Eric and Davis fast asleep, Milkshake nowhere within my sight and most importantly my neighbours who decided not to party, I am enjoying the solitary, serene and silent time where I can write my blog..

Few years back, when blogging is still not as popular, I actually abhor the idea of typing personal thoughts and happenings in a web page where people could read and knew every little secrets of yours. It actually makes me feel vulnerable and naked, but how shallow I am.. I should have started blogging right in the beginning when I knew what a blog is all about.. I would have recorded things that happened to me, important or not, and not lost them with the loss of time..

I don't understand why would people want to pen them down in a public space where anyone could have read and know you, when on the other hand, you don't even knew who your readers are.. I even reprimanded one of my friend for doing so, because her ex would knew her thoughts and take advantage of her..

I should have, should have written down things like, Eric proposed today, with a ring and a bouquet of roses.. My wedding gown was amazing... The food was absolutely delicious, we exchanged a 10 pax food tasting dinner for something else.. Baby kicked me this morning and it feels like bubbles bursting in my tummy.. I did not.. I am regreting it because I've missed out so many important things and thoughts that I could have noted.. What a waste..

If I could turn back time, I would have gladly trade my vulnerability for a lifetime of memories that I can never retrieved..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's our day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all my mommy readers and mommy-to-be readers.. Have a great day cause you deserve it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink like JC, Juicy and sweet

We went shopping again, AGAIN! Oh dear, spending money agAIN.. And today is a Wednesday, a working day for most people.. If everything went as planned, we were all suppose to be enjoying our week at Disneyworld, Orlando. Due to the swine flu that came at such a so wrong timing, we cancelled our trip just hours before we depart Arizona.. So now our 1 week Disney getaway has turned into a one week shopping cum resting vacation.

We hit the mall.. And today we drove down to Scottsdale which is a high class shopping centre that is comparable to our Paragon in Singapore.. This is the day which I finally bought my 1st JUICY COUTURE (pronounce as coo-tour) handbag.. I'm not acting smart trying to teach you pronunciation. Just in case you get the wrong impression. But anyway what ever you think of me is out of my control, so whatever..
If I ever had to go back to my secondary school days, I would be very contented to just own a Juicy paperbag, take a look!!

Paperbag already look so chio..

Side view of the paperbag.

Take a peek inside.

Zoom in for you to see what's written on it.

And Tadah! My black velvet handbag from the suddenly gone famous brand, JuicY!!

Back view of the bag..

And the price tag that went with it?

Take 25% off from the already reduced price and we've got $56.66, printed on pink paper..

So the next time when you want to buy a bag, you

cause I think they're worth every penny of it.. Items from the discounted shelves that is..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More photos to share

For the benefit of my readers, I've decided to post some of our photos taken on the day of Davis birthday in here as not everyone can access to my facebook.

Here we have, our female guests..

Shirley wanted to take pictures with the tree with yellow flowers, that's why all of us were outside of the clubhouse posing with it..

Davis loves lights. I think he must be looking at the candle flame..

Our new friend Kate and me.

For a moment I felt like a maid that is having her rest on Sunday. Cause they like to gather together and sit on some spot in the park or garden.

Aven engrossed in blowing the Mickey mouse thingy.. Totally bo chap.. haha.

Creation of Shirley. Thank you very much..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Davis 1st Birthday @ Adiamo Clubhse, 2nd May 2009

I've got so many people that I need to thank in here.. However the 1st person I want to thank so much is my Dear God. Thank you God for making this happen on this very special day. Thank you for the fine weather and great company that we have. Indeed without you, we wouldn't be all this happy to celebrate this joyous occasion. It has been a wonderful 1 year with Davis that contain countless moment of joy and tears.. You were there to share with us..
Thanks to Huisi Ah yi and Uncle KE for that video montage of Davis. We didn't screen it during the party as there was no projector and screen.. Still we love it very much..

I want to thank Sheena and Moey for letting me cook at their house and making it so messy and noisy till wee hours.. My other friends includes Shirley, Arlene, Kate and their hubbies. Thanks for accompanying and also helping me to do the food preparation..

Thanks Shirley for helping me to wash so many dishes and baking the cupcakes even though she's very pregnant now and still stayed till the end with us.

Thank you Arlene for making the Ang Ku Kueh, cause I was in a lazy mood to look at the instructions and recipe that Sheena had handwritten from the net even though I still had full bar of energy in me. The ang ku kueh taste great! Thanks for helping me to decorate the cupcakes and make it so wonderfully pretty.

Our Cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Thank Kate for helping me to fry the beehoon and also cracking up yellow jokes that made us laugh so much..

Thanks Moey for helping me to look after Davis all the time and running up and down to get things for me.

Thanks Juliet for helping me to set up the decoration as I was still very busy heating up the Ang Ku Kueh at the very last minutes and I still haven't bath yet.

Thanks Edwin for being our photographer and also doing up the decoration for us..

Thank to my hunny that accompanied me all this while hunting for the right birthday cake. I wasn't impressed with the very little selection of mickey mouse cake that local bakery offer and hence we search alot of places for the perfect one..

Our cake for Davis

Thank you my dear friends for helping me do the otah and many other things. Thank for staying up so late and still have to get up that early to continue with the cooking..
There are so many other people that I want to thank, sorry that I missed you.. I remembered.. Thank people, but I have no salary for you. Keekee.

And lastly, to all my guests. Thank you for spending this Saturday afternoon with us and also for the presents and red packets.

We are so blessed to have you guys celebrate Davis first birthday with us..

I'll upload more photos of Davis 1st Birthday in my facebook once I get them from our photographer, Edwin..

Keep a lookout people..

Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd May is a special day

Hi, my dear AZ friends. Davis is having his very 1st birthday this year and I'm feeling just as excited as him (if he know what is it all about), and this excitement has been going on for weeks already.. I've scouted the neighbourhood stores for party ideas. Search all over the web to buy stuffs for this Big day. SOoo here... I'm cordially inviting you to Davis 1st Mickey Mouse Birthday Party at

Venue: Adiamo Palm Valley

Date: 2nd May 2009

Time: 1p.m

Dresscode: Parents are encourage to dress your kids in Mickey Mouse or Disney Characters outfits.

Expect to have loads of food and fun with us.

I can't wait for the day to come and hope to see you guys there..

Lots of Smooches

Random thoughts that just pop

Davis boy boy is turning 1 in a few days time. I can't lock time in a safe and it just zoomed past me. I should really be cherishing my remaining months in the States before the reality starts to kick in. I've seen a couple of friends who used to stay in Arizona, commenting that Singapore is a reality whereas States is like a dream or something.. I totally agree to that statement.

My rotting-at-home-time is coming to an end pretty soon. Just like 1 year ago, I gave birth to a most gorgeous boy, Davis Kwong on 7th May 08. Since after, my rotting time has turned into an extremely hectic and very tiring job that I have to be ready almost 24/7.

Davis on his part did what all babies have to do.. He grow up everyday, bit by bit.. He is now taller, stronger, heavier, noisier and very demanding on occasions. As for me, I became very fat but finally manage to get back to my pre-preg weight. A bit grouchy and short tempered sometimes. Must be the lack of proper sleep and entertainment..

Sometime before I end my stay in AZ, I'm going to do a post on the differences between Singapore and States.

My thoughts about my 2 years 9 months stay in Arizona.

Places that I've been during this period etc...

So stay tuned.. They should be coming in late August or after..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping day at Chandler

We went shopping at Chandler today. I told hunny that I need new clothes for our trip in May and today is a Saturday so we've decided to hit the mall. Prior to that we visited our usual restaurant Da Vang to have our very late lunch. While driving along I-10, I thought we were going to Arizona Mills, but hunny drove past the exit at baseline and told me that we were going to Chandler instead. Of course I know the reason. They have Abercrombie and Fitch in Chandler! But actually I wasn't keen at all. Because although I can accept their style, their prices is way to much for me to accept. Even clearance items. But for hunny, AF is one of his favourites.

His catch of the day.

$50 each, I want to faint le.

Our mindset is to go straight to the end of the store for that is where the clearance items are. These Chinese collar cotton shirt are now at $19.99 each. So hunny manage to get 2 of them at $42.88 in total. That I can accept..

Now it's my turn.

I was a tad disappointed when I saw Forever 21 has turned into a bicycle store.. But as we walked a bit further, I saw this huge XXI store that sells female apparels. When I finally made my purchases at the cashier, I realise the plastic bags that they use were of the same design from Forever 21. That was when I realise I was right inside Forever 21.. I couldn't read the word XXI and thought it means 101. Silly me..

my scalloped skirt

little vest

and lastly some accessories from ALDO.
I'm very stupid. I saw the sticker that was pasted on the price tag of the clips. It says 2 for 1.. Immediately my mind was registered with the meaning of any 2 for $1. Happily made my pick and asked hunny for cash. He gave me a $10 (thank God), and when the cashier ask for $9++, I was shocked. I even asked the girl politely if they were 2 for 1. Luckily I said 2 for 1 and not 2 for $1.. It suddenly daunted on me that it was a buy 1 get 1 free offer.. Still I have to pay for one of them whichever is more costly.. So embarrassed.. Next time I have to open my eyes wider. $9++ is still a bargain while $1 would be a steal!