Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh my God.

It has been quite awhile since I updated my blog. Well tonight, or perhaps I should say this morning cause its 6.30a.m here in Singapore, I'm trying to blog my heart out.. I wish there's a device that could actually copy and paste what I felt in my mind and automatically turn them into words in this space of mine, instead of having me to type them out words by words...

My baobao was diagnose with hand, foot and mouth disease just 3 days upon reaching Singapore and he had to be on home quarantine for a week.. Shortly after, Eric had a bad food poisoning and was pretty sick for a few days just before he had to resume work after returning home from States.. And now its me.. having a bad sore throat cum a bloated stomach that has been hanging around for a few days already.. Not Good..

While I lied on my bed, having a flashback on what happen to me and my family in these recent years, I couldn't help but notice the many little things that was given to me.. In good times or bad times, I was blessed with some many fortunate events that I know it must have been from my Almighty God..

I shall list them out here.

In the past I was always in envy with my friends who had "normal" family and I kept wondering why I wasn't blessed to have one..

Then I came to know God who gave me one shortly after I accepted Christ as my saviour.
I really came to love my new founded family who sometime I felt treats me way better than my own family.. That sounds really selfish.. But then I also felt that after returning to Singapore after missing for so long, my relationship with my own family actually improved.. Especially with my dad.. I used to hate him for the many things he did to me.. I felt mistreated, abused and ignored as a child till many years later, I still resented him. But ever since I came back.. The feeling that I had was totally different.. Things have changed.. For the better definitely..

Then came my housing issue.. Eric and I bought our 1st pad in Yishun at a really good deal.. I don't think that we could have afforded one if we had to buy from the resale market or even from the Govt at this sky rocking prices period.. I felt blessed.. If I were to compare the prices that we paid for against the rates of the houses in the area right now, we actually made like more than $50K even before our house was actually ready.. We balloted for one the 1st time and we even managed to get a #10 which I totally loved..

Thirdly, we saved a great deal of money by having a baby in the States.. I say probably a good $15K (gynea, labour, pediatric and vaccination fees all added up). Other than the BCG vaccine, Davis had almost all the other required vaccines done in the States.

The tours that we went during our stay in Arizona.. (New York, Hawaii, Florida, California, Canada, Nevada, Washington D.C and Arizona)

The fact that God gave me food to eat at every meal.. I am always thankful that I am eating food and not tree barks..

Our good health that many people didn't get to enjoy.

Roof over our head

and so many other thing that we take it for granted..

The most importantly is the complete salvation that we had as a Christian, our sins were forgiven and we are given a place in heaven. I know God is the one I can trust whole heartedly because He never left me and walks with me even in my darkest moments.
Jesus says, "My child, in your darkest moment when you only see one set of footprints, that was when I carried you."

So the next time when you say Oh my God.. Look around and think of what God has given you and you'll see..

FYI, I longer says Oh my God ever since I read an article from somewhere as the word God is never to be used lightly.. Instead, I say, Oh my Gosh.. ;)


Ange said...

Hope Davis is much better now? Have you bought him another medication cox there is a medication that actually numbs the ulcer in the mouth so that he won't feel so much pain. Clemens and I ever had HFMD before so I know how torturous it can be.

And Dear girl, don't think so much. We are all bless in our own way. :)

The pretty mom said...

hey angie, he has already recovered.. all thanks to God.. he oni developed rashes on his palms and foot.. but surprisingly no ulcer.. and the rashes were gone in a week..