Friday, August 21, 2009

Every banquet will end eventually.. (Derived from a Chinese saying)

I want to dig my fingers into those Sri Lanka Jumbo crabs!! Female crab nonetheless.. I want to eat the roes, sink my teeth into the thick juicy meat from the pincers.. ROARS!!! the Lion is hungry!! I miss watching Star Award on the TV.. I miss my late night supper at those 24hr Kopitiam and everything about home...I'm still a very typical Singapore girl at heart.. No doubt at all..

I want to bring my son out in his 3 wheel stroller, walking with my hubby hand in hand, exploring Singapore (malls) again.. Did i mention to you that I felt like a tourist that time when I went back to celebrate CNY? The feeling was very peculiar because I've lived 23 years in Singapore and these 2 years in the States made me feels like a stranger in my homeland.. Enough said.. I can't wait for the day when I bid Arizona goodbye.. I will miss you much..


Angie said...

yeah I know how you feel that is why I have put on much weight from the food I have eaten here. 23 years in Singapore, 2 years in States, it can be a love hate feeling. From Singapore, no doubt you will miss the food but from States, you will miss all the sales, DFOs, laybys and of course their food. Their food in their country still taste better than the ones in Singapore. Perhaps especially their ice-cream. Tell you we have not been really eating pizza in Singapore in Singapore because it is incomparable to the ones in Australia. This is a few of the times, we wish we are back in Aussie. kekekeke

The pretty mom said...

i wont miss their food, because after all these time, I still dream of our chicken rice, ngoh hiang and char kueh teow.. I'm such a sucker for frozen yougurt.. So i'm all happy to return to sg and eat my fill of the yummi yougurt which i missed so much plus all the hawker fare.. Sometime I juz wished that how wonderful it would be if I can moved the whole of Singapore to States.. I'm sure they have space to accomodate all of us.. And I can have the best of both world!! ~~ dream!!

=MaRie= said...

U'll enjoy Ion Orchard I'm sure... the shopping & food's fantastic =D

The pretty mom said...

thats great.. I'll leave that for the 2nd week after we're back.. ;P